Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

New Zara Lookbook revealed

After being ill for the whole weekend I am back in the world of blogging.
Now I want to glance at Zara's lookbook.
I'll post you my favourite looks. Additionally i searched through the internet for the several components so you can reproduce the outfits if u like them.

Look #1

click the pictures to have a closer look

Zara, 70€
Zara, 50€

If u are not owning a jeans-colored shirt I can recommend these two options:
Zara, 40€
Zara, 30€
H&M is also well-assorted if you are looking for a cheap denim shirt.

I guess everyone owns a simple white T-shirt.

You will find lots of chinos at every Zara/ H&M store between 10 and 50€.
Example that appeals to me: Zara, 40€

Go for any brown leather boots or shoes that mesh with your belt's color. Same applies for your hat if u want to add one to this outfit.

Stay tuned to my blog. More looks coming up tomorrow.

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