Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

New Bag!

I just bought a new Belstaff bag for my studies.

It matches with nearly every brown shoes, belt and leather jacket and has the perfect size for one day at the university.

I took the pictures from "Rafael Store". If u want to order one i advise buying it on ebay.

Here is the wiki quote of Belstaff's history:

Founded in 1924 by Eli Belovitch and his son in law Harry Grosberg in Staffordshire, Belstaff produced all-weather jackets for motorcyclists, and was the first company to ever use waxed cotton. The company later created weather-protective jackets for other uses, goggles (primarily for the growing aviation market), gloves and several other garments intended to keep the wearer warm, dry and safe.
Belstaff became a subsidiary of James Halstead in 1948–a company also famous in later years for the success of the Australian brand Driza-Bone.
In the 1980s, Belstaff diversified into the golf wear market.
The company was hit hard by the textile crisis of the 1990s precipitating the closure of the Longton Stoke-on-Trent factory after previously closing its Silverdale site. Moving to Wellingborough, production was vastly reduced. The range was also manufactured in Australia by a sister company Driza-Bone. The company grew again and in 1994 introduced Belfresh, a waterproof/breathable fabric.
Today, Belstaff markets products to the Far East, Russia, the United States, Australia, South America and Europe.

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  1. this one is around 80euros i think . but it looks pretty gay imho...